Lazy Day

Sunday was a lazy day, enjoying a beautiful sunny day. It was however cold and the heating clicked on for the first time which was a bit of a surprise. The children went outside after breakfast, around 8.30 to play in the garden and promptly came back inside to put on more clothes. In fact my son ended up with 3 jumpers on!

Husband is away in Libya – apparently staying in a Butlins-esque chalet. Sounds strange, but apparently the weather is delightfully warm. Don’t tell the children.


Boat Quilt

I have been deliberating over this quilt top from Joelle Hoversons book for a week or so, I’m not sure what to do about the sea bit. In reality it looks like I have run out of the lovely spotted fabric used for the sky and added a bit of plain blue on the bottom. I have been searching locally for something to replace it and have had no luck, so will have to go online and see what there is. Any excuse to shop!


2 thoughts on “Lazy Day

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