Shopping and placemats…

Had a great morning yesterday, I went with a couple of friends to the Haagse Markt which apparently is the largest outdoor market in Europe. Some of the stalls were amazing, and there were plenty of bargains. I picked up a load of zips, some spotty fabric, and some meat and veg. By the time I go again I intend to buy one of those pull along trolleys like my Grandma used to have to do her shopping with because by the time we had finished walking round, got the tram back and then got home my fingers were going blue with the weight of the bags. Ouch! I would really love one of these Orla Kiely ones but really will have to have something a little less expensive!

My husband comes back from Libya today so I will have to do some jobs around the house to make it look like I do something whilst he is out at work. With all the damp weather we have had recently the garden has sprung into life and so it needs a jolly good tidy up, so i will have to add that to my list of things to do.


A while ago I made this placemat. I started making them, made 2 and then realised I didn’t have enough fabric to make a set of 4 which was my intention, I still haven’t got around to buying more of the same fabric, so I will probably just have to get them out when we have a cosy meal for 2.

On the subject of placemats I also made these during the summer and they have come in really handy when having cold drinks that may sweat. I made them from a pattern in this book and although you can not see the quilting – they are quilted!

 Quilted Coaster


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