A jammed sewing machine and a pretty t-shirt.

On Thursday I had my first attempt at machine applique and what fun that turned out to be. I copied the pattern on Sandi Henderson’s site, backed my pieces as suggested and popped a stretch machine needle in machine. The applique was in four parts. Part one attached fine and I was eager to get on with next. The sewing machine had other ideas and was getting jammed every few stitches. After a fair number of swear words and school pick up, a ballet lesson, and making supper, I decided to clean the machine. I spent about half an hour looking for a screwdriver only to find one in the spare parts bag provided with the machine (doh) and then gave it a jolly good clean. Half an hour later the t shirt was finished, ironed and looking fab. Yay.

Matching t-shirt

close-up of applique

I need some advice tho from veteren applique doers (no idea what the term should be). I only have zig zag stitch on my machine and I shortened the length of the stitch somewhat – but should it be really close like a handstitched satin stitch? Or doesn’t it matter?

Had a busy but non crafty day yesterday, driving across the length and breadth of The Netherlands to get some jobs done. I did manage to walk past the local flower stall on the way for school pick-up and get 40 beautiful yellow roses for 7 euros, a real bargain. I need to do some gardening now so have a good weekend.

40 Rozen


One thought on “A jammed sewing machine and a pretty t-shirt.

  1. I think your applique has gone really well. I find I need to clean my machine out lots, mine is a basic model, and I keep thinking about a better one might handle better, but I can’t afford it really!

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