Imperfection rules and a pincushion!

Before starting this blog (just over a week ago), I had been a ‘lurker’ for a few months. You know what I mean, checking out other peoples blogs, never leaving a comment, in and out with no one knowing I was there! Anyway I was a little daunted by some of the crafting/sewing blogs as they are so beautiful, and the bloggers had such perfect homes, producing amazing items day in day out, and have such great pictures that I thought what I did at home in my messy, untidy, home wasn’t worthy of being in cyber space. So imagine my joy when I read this post on Lila Tueller’s blog. She has summed it all up for me. Love her honesty.

I have been at the hairdresser all day today. Yes all day, well for 3 and half hours!! Crazy. So consequently I haven’t done anything at all. However I thought I would show you a picture of my pincushion as I think it’s pretty cute. It was inspired by the Tilda Sew Pretty Homestyle book and uses Tilda fabric for the top and has Cath Kidston fabric at the base.



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