Birthday Gift

My daughter is off to her first birthday party of the school year today and I have never made anything to give to a child before. So I checked with a friend if she thought a handmade gift would be ok, she said yes, so lets hope the Birthday Girl likes it!

Zipped pouch headband and hairband

I made the Bend the Rules zippered pouch just like the one I made earlier, a headband with the pattern from Heather Bailey and I covered a couple of buttons and attached them to hairband/elastics.

  inside purple zipped pouch  



6 thoughts on “Birthday Gift

  1. Thankyou so much. And yes I think she liked her gift, well her mum thought it was great. I think I may make other gifts for other children in the future because it was so much nicer than going to the toy shop.

  2. Your projects look great, I just stumbled to your site,
    Like you I hang out in my sewing room and I don’t get much else done when I am home.

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