To make a list or not…

I really must make a to-do list.

When I went to the sewing room yesterday I fiddled around for a while and nearly started making a dress for my daughter, when I realised that I have to make some gifts for Christmas and for my sisters birthday (which is coming up in a couple of weeks) to take back to the UK on the 18th October. We are having a long weekend and if I take some gifts with me it will save on postage. So the organised part of me says “come on get it all done.” The day dreamer part of me says “oh don’t worry there’s plenty of time”. Well we will see over the next few weeks which one wins out!

I did however make another of Craft Apple’s Little Artist Drawing Case yesterday. This time I made the front out of patchwork. I didn’t have quite enough fabric to make the whole thing – so I used a few scraps and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Patchwork Little Artist Drawing Case 


I have just got back from the post office today to pick up my package from Heather Bailey.
Heather Bailey Fabric


I have been waiting a long time to receive it as I ordered on the day her website was launched back in August and they had a few problems with getting the patterns sorted in time. Anyway now I have 8 delicious yards of her fabric, some trash ties (which my daughter will have in her hair sometime soon), a Marlo Bloom handbag pattern and a scrap flower pattern.


One thought on “To make a list or not…

  1. I brought a prescious few yards of Heather Bailey home yesterday. I’ve no idea what I’m going to do with it yet……but, I am loving looking at it all folded up nicely!!

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