11 years

Saturday saw my husband and I celebrate 11 years of marriage. I can’t believe where all those years have gone, we have done so much and travelled so much. We are truly lucky. I am truly lucky. I married the man who has made all my dreams come true, allows me to be who I want to be and do the things I want to do. Thankyou darling!

In other news (I sound like the BBC) I received some fab fabric from reprodepot as well as the Oliver+S pattern for the Sunday Brunch jacket which I intend to have a go at this week.


I also need to check my to do list to see if I am on top of those gifts I need to take to the UK because I have a busy week with school trips and a girls trip to Amsterdam to buy boots.


I have made some more headbands and a birthday suprise for someone special which will be revealed in a few weeks.



5 thoughts on “11 years

  1. I have checked out your website and you are obviously a professional, you have some lovely things in your shop – its so nice to see some boys things! Me, on the other hand am brand new at this sewing lark. However I have now cut it out and will attack tomorrow when I have more time. I will keep you informed. Thanks

  2. Happy Anniversary! You make some beautiful things! I finally got up the courage to finish my sewing project that you read about…a little confidence went a long way!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love it when people gush about their spouses. It reminds us that there still is love in this world…especially when it seems like the whole world is out of control. (yea, that was kind of spacy, sorry ha.)

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