Oven Mitt

I had a go at the Oven mitt as promised for a christmas gift last week. It was a little trickier to make than it looked – but to be fair I didn’t follow the instructions as I should, I thought I could miss out a step – oops.

Cindy said that she cuts 9 x 14 rectangles, quilts them, then cuts out the pattern and makes the mitt. Instead of cutting out the mitt then sewing the 2 together, I thought it would be easy to sew around the pattern shape and then cut it out. Boy was I wrong I couldn’t get my pinking scissors to get near the thickness of all that fabric (2 layers of insul-brite, 2 layers of batting and 4 layers of quilting cotton). My fabric scissors did cut it ok but it meant that I then had to zig-zag around all the raw edges and that wasnt easy due to all the layers as well. She also mentions that you need to sew a curve rather than pivot between the thumb and fingers – this was really hard to do, I shortened the stitch but it is still puckered when turned inside out.

At the end of it though, I do like the mitt – I just thought it would be an easy job – but it took me longer than I thought and was trickier. I am sure my Aunt won’t even notice the dodgy thumb area, I am just a perfectionist, hey ho.



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