Apples, apples and more apples….

On Saturday we went to an orchard about 30 mins from us to pick apples. We had a super time, the children had thought that they wouldn’t have been able to reach, but there were still plenty of apples at their height so they thought this was fantastic. To make it even more fun it had rained all day the previous day so there were huge muddy puddles on the walk to the orchard which were perfect for wellies. 

After that we went took a drive north to Alkmaar for a wander around. It is where they hold the traditional cheese market during certain times of the year. It was such a beautiful town that we will try and go again on a Friday to see the cheese.

I now have to decide what to make with all the apples we picked. This morning we had pancakes with cinnamon apples,(minus the icecream) and for dessert later I have cooked some apples with some raspberries to eat with a dollop of greek yoghurt. Mmmm. If anyone has any apple recipes they want to share – I will be mightily grateful.


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