Spotty Trousers and Cake

Yesterday I decided to look at what I wanted to make for Christmas and I have now re-done my TO DO List so that it doesn’t look overwhelming or confusing – which I am pleased with.

So because I felt organised I decided to have a bash at the ruffle pants/trousers from Portobellopixie. I had some pink spotty flannel which I tried to shrink as much as possible as per a post on the Superbuzzy blog. The pattern came together really quickly, but it would have been quicker and easier if I had a serger, I don’t, and certainly I won’t be able to persuade my darling husband to part with even more money (our washing machine broke yesterday) in the near furture so I had to go over all the seams with zig-zag, not difficult, just time consuming. My daughter, as ever, is one of my biggest fans and she is delighted with them and intends to wear them later when she gets home from school.


I have noticed in blogland a few people are already baking their Christmas cakes so I really have got to get the ingredients at the weekend to start mine. I love Christmas cake served with a piece of cheese. My Mum is from the North of England and as well as having yorkshire pudding with golden syrup for pudding (not something I have ever fancied to be honest), she has passed on the tradition of having a piece of Wensleydale cheese with our fruit cake at Christmas – yummy.


2 thoughts on “Spotty Trousers and Cake

  1. Hello
    Lovely to find you after you visited my blog, my Little People are also 6 and 4, Little Man being also being a huuuuuuuuuuge Lego starwars fan.
    And as we are also in North Yorkshire, i can really relate to the Wensleydale and fruit cake tradition, definitely a must in our house too.
    ooh well now, I’m off to trawl through your archives and see what else I can find!

  2. Glad we are not the only ‘nutters’ with the cake. Everyone else we have ever met, apart from family, don’t know what we are talking about! But the good news is my husband and brother inlaw and all our children are keen cheese and cake eaters. Even at my wedding we had to have cheese with the cake.
    Thanks for your comments

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