img_4987I had a go at making a childs size apron last week. My children need to wear an apron when they eat messy food like spaghetti bolognaise, (I hate trying to get tomato sauce out of clothes) or on the rare occasion we squash up in the tiny dutch kitchen we have and try and bake together.  Their current aprons are now getting a bit too small so i wanted to make larger ones. 

I had bought some binding from the local market and decided to have a bash. I sized up their old apron and made a pattern, then attached the binding so it made the waist ties but whoops I forgot about the neck ties. That was an after thought, but I think it still looks ok. When i make one for my son in the limited free time I will have this week I will try and remember to include the neck.


5 thoughts on “Apron

  1. I love your blog! I love this apron, your puppy is adorable & you did good on the pink pants.
    Thank you for the visit, and if I inspired you then yay me! lol 🙂

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