Maybe tomorrow

The new puppy is taking up a fair bit of my time at the moment, although he does sleep a surprising amount of time, however I am constantly cleaning up after him whilst he gets toilet trained. I will hopefully get into a better routine soon and then I will be able to get upstairs to the sewing room do some work.


I joined the Stocking Full O’ Cheer Swap, and admit to not doing anything towards it, until I checked up on some of the other swappers and saw that JennBenn  had been busy making a stocking – ahh I haven’t even thought about mine, plus she has made an ornament – she’s too organised:)  So yesterday I dashed upstairs and found some fabric and ribbon and cracked on and made a couple of hanging ornaments. The stocking will have to wait, although I do have some fabric for it I just need the time. Wednesdays are a busy day because I help out at my children’s school at the lunchtime sewing club and then in the School Library. So maybe tomorrow…..


3 thoughts on “Maybe tomorrow

  1. Lace Hearts – yes he is a handful but a cute and cuddly handful!

    JennBenn – you are not allowed to be at a standstill, I’ll never get motivated now. LOL

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