Felty things

At the school my 2 children attend there is a weekly lunchtime sewing club for Year 5 and 6, and I go along and help most weeks. I happened to be chatting to one of the other ladies at the end of the session and said that I was making a few Christmas decorations with some felt at home. This piece of information was greeted with lots of enthusiasm so next week I have to take some in to show the leader of the club because she was keen for the girls to have a go one week. I have been making some stars with inspiration and template from Allsorts. Plus whilst searching Flickr I came across loads of fab felty goodiness. Mine will not match up to any of those, but the girls at school are usually delighted with what they produce and they won’t mind if mine are a bit shabby!


You may have noticed I have also changed my header, I have been missing the warm desert weather and felt that a lovely picture taken out at Big Red in the UAE, will make me feel better.


2 thoughts on “Felty things

  1. I’ve been trying to think of what ornaments my kids can make for the tree this year – but instead I keep thinking of what felt ornaments I want to make by myself instead…

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