As promised, here is a picture of the skirt I made for my daughter the other day – thanks Jona! I still have to put in the elastic – but you can see how it looks. Plus another one I finished today, wow I have been busy.


The girls at the sewing club loved the little felt stars, so when the school gets their order of felt through we will be making them one week before Christmas.

I have been really busy the past few days sorting a load of boring chores out as well as cracking on with the swap. I am having a break tomorrow and I am off to a handcraft fair (I think, as my dutch is limited) near to where I live. I am hoping they have some supplies for sale because I have been good recently and now am itching to spend some money


3 thoughts on “Skirts

  1. You did a BEAUTIFUL job!! Oh I’m so happy to see these (and the embroidery too)! I love your fabric choices and that Christmas skirt is oh so sweet! Yippy!

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