Flowers and swapping

As promised here is a picture of the crochets flowers I made using the tutorial from Attic 24. I am now waiting for some yarn to be delivered so I can be a bit more adventurous in the colour combinations because although I like the white, I think with coloured yarn they will be gorgeous.


I have posted my goodies for the stocking full o cheer swap and when my partner receives them I will post some more pictures to show you. Here is a sneak peek.


I have never done a swap before and although it was great fun, it meant that I was distracted from doing other things which I should have been doing. I am positively useless at time management and my aim in the New Year is to improve on this….. we will see how I go.



2 thoughts on “Flowers and swapping

  1. ooo…thanks for the sneak peak. Sounds like you’ve mailed your package. I was really hoping to get mine sent before Thanksgiving but it just didn’t happen. I’m planning on it today. If you get this note in time, is there some little thing from the states that you would like me to slip in?

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