Hexagon Addiction


To say crochet is my new and most favouritist thing is an understatement. On New Years Eve the jolly postman popped a lovely squashy package in the mailbox and it was full of wool from here YAY. I have been dreaming of making a crochet afghan ever since I had seen this. Before Christmas I had spent a few evenings using up some old wool making these.


But now this is what I have been up to during the past few evenings whilst catching up on all the TV we recorded over the holidays. (A girl has to keep up with Eastenders!) I hope to make them into a blanket like this, by Lucy at Attic 24 where she incidentally has a super easy tutorial on how to make the hexagons. 


So 23 down, rather a large number to go. Lucy made 159, which sounds a heck of a lot but I am loving them at the moment and lets hope the love affair continues.

Until the next time…..


13 thoughts on “Hexagon Addiction

  1. I’ve made 61 so far, but I’m making the complete hex and then I’ll join them all later with a whole lotta sc’s. I’m convinced that won’t be the fun part.

    I’m not sure how many I’m going to make either – I’ve tired of them already, sorry to say. Oh, and please take the gorgeous cupcakes off your banner…They are making me want to cheat on my diet! 😉

  2. Hi Anita
    Well your crochet certainly takes me back, both my mum and granma have done crochet in the past and I remember the rugs in all their kooky colour combinations; they used scraps and free wool from wherever they could get it. I do love your pretty floral hex’s. Maybe crochet is something I should add to my to do list. Although I still have a half knitted scarf from a few years ago waiting for some love! So mcu crafty goodness so little time.

  3. Well hello there, I am so glad you stopped by my blog, how fun….our posts are so similar! Yours look beautiful:) I am kind of doing the same thing, making circles then joining them…well I was, but then I got impatient and now I have this collection of meandering hexagons. I am not bored with them yet, in fact I make deals with myself so I can make more, you know what I mean: ‘get dinner ready early and then make one hexagon’ – sad I know. I’ll keep in touch to ckech on your progres…Tam xo

  4. I love your choice of colours……………… reminds me of iced gems! Lucy’s blanket was gorgeous wasn’t it……………….
    I’m very, very much looking forward to seeing the finished piece!

    • Maybe I’m a bit paraniod or maybe I’m just plain nuts and I havn’t really been keeping score; but for the past few years it has seemed to me that everytime another gun control measure comes along, there is suddenly an associated “incident” that the Libs point to and say, “SEE! That’s why we need gun control!”Enough money can buy almost anything ……

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