I can’t stop showing you!



I was cold this weekend. I spent all morning on Saturday sorting a load of no longer wanted and outgrown toys to either be sold or given away and as I am coming down with a cold, all I wanted to do in the afternoon was to sit on the sofa with a cup of tea, a biscuit and watch tv. My daughter wanted to do the same, omitting the tea for a cup of water though. So we sat and watched 2 halfs of 2 movies. We watched the first half of Lady and the Tramp until little girl got bored and wanted a change, so we switched and watched the second half of High School Musical 2. It was really nice to just loll about and relax, and snuggle under the blanket, the hex blanket just covers my legs. My daughter had to make do with a cheap ikea blanket! 


What did you do this weekend?

Until next time…….


7 thoughts on “I can’t stop showing you!

  1. Do you know, I’d walk about with that on my head to make people notice it even more. Have you considered that? Maybe traipse about town using it as a veil? It is incredibly beautiful – you should show it off, constantly in fact.

  2. The colours look great in your room….I am enjoying making mine so much that I have to make deals with myself about how often I do it otherwise I would never get any housework done!!! Beautiful work, I will not be bored of seeing it…keep showing it off!

  3. I am loving the way that pretty little rug looks on your aubegine foot stool. I want to steal it from you but alas I can’t afford the plane ticket and I have no idea where you live!
    It is so darn purdy. You have a fantastic eye for colour and pattern.
    Keep clickin

  4. I love your afghan!
    I am making a plain brown one now (“Cocoa”)
    for my husband one row double, one row SC.

    I would love to use your colors and make it for ME ME ME!! 🙂

    Would you mind if I showed it on my website and give your credit?

    Love it!

    Nancy, California, USA

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