A lucky find

I am almost embarrassed to admit this…

On our walk to school the other day, it was bin day (rubbish/garbage collection), and in amongst a large pile of bags there was a lovely wicker basket. After dropping the children off, I went back and rescued it from ending up at the rubbish dump. There is nothing really wrong with it, except for a small area on the handle which has come unravelled and I suppose if you wanted to use it for your groceries it would be compromised – but I had other plans for this beauty.


I gave it a good wash, then lined it with some pretty fabric I had left over from a bag project I really must show you. I am a novice at this kind of thing so I’m not too sure how long this will hold out but it does look pretty and it holds my wool whilst I decide on what i can use all the leftovers for.



3 thoughts on “A lucky find

  1. lucky you to find such a nice basket. It looks very nice lined, just perfect to keep your project in though in our house I think the cats would think I was making them a bed!

  2. Pretty basket find! I found a similar one in a local charity shop – sadly it was snaffled away by the husband so he could ‘manly’ go foraging for sticks to use as kindling for our fire and now sits besides the fire full of little sticks…. I need to find a new one for me now so that I may fill it with lovely balls of wool too x

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