Is it nearly spring?

Yesterdays weather was pretty disgusting. We got so wet walking the dog it wasn’t at all pleasurable especially because doggy training has started in earnest and he just isn’t getting it. We had our first puppy class on Saturday and my brain ached by the end of it. The trainer said “Oh he is such a lovely dog but strong minded” Mmmm we will see if she sees any improvement on Saturday because I am not so sure.

Today however is bright, I wouldn’t quite say it is sunny but it is a lovely dry and bright day, and it has made me think of spring. Maybe because my friend gave me these yesterday


Or maybe because I treated myself to these the other day


Or maybe it is ‘just because’.


Until next time…..


4 thoughts on “Is it nearly spring?

  1. You know I am loving your crochet…can I ask a question? That second round round looks like it sits better than what mine does, have you altered Lucy’s pattern?

    I have added you to our Sunday stash List by the way….

    Tam xo

  2. Hey! I absolutely ADORE the colours that you’ve used for your ripple and hexagon blankets, what wool have you used?
    I followed a link from lucy’s blog onto the attic24 inspired flickr site today – and your stuff really stood out for me 🙂
    I am having a baby soon and looking for inspiration for colours and design, and thinking about starting a ripple – and i just love your colours!

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