The beginnings of a sampler

As you know, I help out with the sewing club at lunchtimes at the school my children attend; the lady who runs it is very talented. A number of us not so talented helpers suggested that she should run classes for adults and guess what? She offered to teach us, for free, at her house about once a month. The second meeting was today but my 4 yr old daughter was up all night (yep from 1-7am being sick so we both spent the morning in bed) so unfortunately I missed it. However I have my homework to show you from the last lesson.


We were taught log cabin and 9 and four patch blocks, which we then had to go home and make a 12 inch block incorporating those techniques. I haven’t shown the teacher my effort so don’t judge me too badly if I have got it all wrong, but I am happy with the outcome.


The idea is she will show us how to make a sampler quilt so we get an idea about different quilt designs. I am very excited about it, and am now really looking forward to the next meeting.


3 thoughts on “The beginnings of a sampler

  1. I second Arianwen. It looks great! And press press press, I try to remember to press every time I sew a new piece of fabric onto the last piece – and sew towards the new piece. Does that make sense? You probably know that already, I’ll shut up 🙂

    I can’t wait to see how the quilt progresses!!!

  2. I think you have done a great job. It looks a lots better than my frist block. And it is always nice when someone new takes up quilting. Keep on quilting.

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