Edging the hexagon afghan

I have decided that my hexagon blanket is big enough to cover me and keep me cozy so I have moved on to edging. I am so excited that it is nearly finished, nothing like the end of a project in sight to get you motivated. 

I had originally thought that I would edge it in the yellow that was in the centres, but when I came to it I wasn’t sure.


I tried the scallop edging from the Vintage Crochet book but felt it was too big.

I asked a couple of bloggy friends and slept on it (not the blanket – the question of what to do) and then had a go at edging with purple. 


I checked out Lucy’s hex and her edging was neater and smaller so I tried making it smaller and I am happier with the result


I love it now and if only I hadn’t ran out of wool I would be hooking now instead of blogging!


Oh well, the blanket will have to wait because we have a busy weekend. My little girl is 5 on Monday and we are having 10 of her girlfriends round to make necklaces and play games on Saturday. My parent are flying over tomorrow for a fun filled weekend of celebrations, so not alot of blogging, sewing or crocheting for me this weekend.

Whatever you do enjoy your weekend!


10 thoughts on “Edging the hexagon afghan

    • Thank you, Heidi. You are very kind. Things change so often I really have to keep on my toes and don't always think I'm doing enough. I apiepcrate you taking time out of your day to check on me and Robert! Now I need to check up on you and Atticus. Enjoy the sunshine today. 🙂

  1. Hi Anita
    I just found your blog this evening.I love it!!!!!!!!
    Your Hexagon blanket is gorgeous.I love the colour
    Greetings from Germany
    ps.speak you german?

  2. You’ve done a terrific job! You really do have to share with me how you have done your edging, it really looks great…I’m off too make some more hexe’s now…Tam xo PS. Hope you had a lovely weekend with family and lots of little girls:)

  3. Hi Anita – just come across your lovely blog. The hexagon blanket is gorgeous – can’t believe you’ve only be crochetting since last year! This has been on my to do list for a while so seeing yours has motivated me more – time permitting of course. x

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