I am back

I have had a busy couple of weeks, some good and some bad. The bad has been that both the children have had to have time off school with a vomiting bug, which my daughter found very hard to shake off, she was in and out of school  a lot. They are now both back at school and much better, thank goodness and are dressed in red today for Red Nose Day! They would have been gutted if they missed any of the fun.


The good, was my daughter was able to have her 5th birthday party on Saturday. She had a super time, with all her girl friends from her class at school and my parents visited from the UK. The party went well, and we made beaded necklaces, decorated some small jewellery boxes, played party games and ate food. Perfect!


On the Sunday it was a beautiful day and we went for a walk in Meijendel Dune park after eating huge pancakes for lunch. The sun was warm but there was a cool northerly breeze blowing. 


I have managed to do a couple of crafty things despite all the chaos of the past 2 weeks which I will show you another time.

Until next time……….


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