Sunday Stash 4 – a bit late!

I was busy yesterday with Mother’s Day. I was spoiled with fresh croissants for breakfast, cards and some pretty pansies. We then went out to lunch for pizza, followed by shopping at the Stoffen Markt (fabric market) in The Hague. Unfortunately as I expected there was not a lot to interest me at the market, but I did come home with a few goodies.


img_6455Sunday Stash hosted by Tamara at 1/4 of an Inch.

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Happy Stashing!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Stash 4 – a bit late!

  1. the one with the cockerels on is wonderful – I love it! (I love them all – but you know that already!)

    I wish I had a stoffen markt, it sounds much nicer than a normal market 😉

  2. Adorable fabrics…………. and your gifts from your husband are rather wonderful………….. He obviously knows just the right way to get in your good books.

  3. Thanks girls for your sweet comments. I recently ordered some dutch fabric from a store here in Holland and now can’t wait to receive that too! I’ve suddenly gone all blue and red…..

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