International Day

Next Monday is International day at my children’s school. Now, because we have been expats for a while my children are truly international and it makes it difficult to know what they should wear. My son was born in Singapore and has lived in Wales, United Arab Emirates and The Netherlands. My daughter was born in Wales (although my husband and I, are English) and has also lived in the UAE and Holland. So what to do?

My son has agreed to be a french boy , so I need to find a beret and a baguette! My daughter has agreed to be a dutch girl, so I have whizzed this up this morning. I used Jona‘s Evelyn skirt pattern as a starting point, but made it much longer. I think it looks quite cute, but because it’s not pink I’m not sure it will get worn at any other time. Girls – eh?

img_6495I will make an apron to go over it tomorrow and will try and sort out a hat. I was kind of inspired by this picture

The Netherlands by Eucalypta*.

(picture courtesy of Eucalypta over on flickr)


5 thoughts on “International Day

  1. Yay Anita! You did a great job and I’m glad you played around with the pattern!
    Those little Dutch outfits are so cute I almost want to cry! I love the little bloomers peeking out on the right.

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