A different skirt today

My sewing machine jammed when making the apron to go with this. So today was mainly spent with screwdriver in hand and an iddy biddy cleaning brush giving the innards of my machine a good clean. There was a few choice words spoken upon the 5th time of putting it back together and it still not working, along with endless cups of tea and a few biscuits, but I think we are there now and tomorrows another day…..

Any who

Before said naughty machine played up, I made this

Pop Garden skirt

Again Jona‘s pattern. This time with Pop Garden fabric and some pretty trim I purchased a while ago and at last found a project for it. 


Until next time…….


2 thoughts on “A different skirt today

  1. Glorious fabric! I would love to wear that skirt myself! The photo of the little Dutch girls in their costume is adorable, isn’t it…………….
    Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

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