Books galore

I saw this, this morning, so I thought I would show you what is on my coffee table at the moment.

booksWhat are you reading?

Until next time…..


3 thoughts on “Books galore

  1. Hi A. It’s lovely to see how things are coming along in your workshop. I do wish my sewing machine worked. Alas. I just popped in to say hi & saw this post. I’ve a ton of reading to do & want to do. But have been reading The Jane Austen Book Club for a light read. I saw the DVD with a friend last year; the book is much more developed & more serious than I’d understood. Which is fine by me. A marvellous idea & entry into the “Austen-lit” genre.

    Hope all is well & I’ll “stop in” after Easter to look around some more. This computer has been on the edge of a nervous breakdown for just over a month & so…Anyway, xoxo from Washington, DC! svs

  2. My stash is almost the same kind of books. Books about sewing, crocheting,country living,skandinavian interieurs and embroidery. I love old embroidery patterns. 🙂

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