Back from Holidays

I’m back after having a wonderful week in the UK visiting with family and then having a relaxing, although rather sickly week back in Holland. The children go back to school tomorrow so things will return to normal again around here. 

I don’t have many photos of the holidays, but I will show you a few of what I have. I am far to much of an ‘in the moment’ gal that I forget to take photos, or worse still, forget to take my camera with me!  But any how here is a brief snap shot of one day from our trip.

Children horse riding

The children love horse riding, but can’t do it in Holland because they are too young, and they spent a lovely couple of hours with the horses. It was especially nice for my daughter because she had hoped to groom the horse like one of her favourite story book characters, and that wish came true.

view of the common

We walked behind taking in the hills, it makes a nice change from the flat lands we have grown used to. The view above is looking up to the Malvern Hills.


new crochet project

And finally the beginnings of my new crochet project.

Until next time….


3 thoughts on “Back from Holidays

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your hols, the weather was delightful for once! I’m also a bit forgetful in the photo taking department, I think my brain is always a little overoccupied!!
    Lovely ripple, pink and green are just sooooo good together!!!!!

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