Notice Board

I have had one of those cheap Ikea cork notice boards for ages and have been meaning to cover it in fabric. This weekend I did just that. The weather was good so I could go outside and spray the adhesive on to the board, then apply the fabric.

Cath Kidston Notice board

I chose some pretty blue Cath Kidston fabric I had in my stash and finished it off by glueing some cream and red ribbon around the edge with fabric glue.

Cath Kidston notice board in situ

It looks really pretty, now all I need to do is go looking for the pushpins so I can put it to good use.

Until next time……


5 thoughts on “Notice Board

  1. That looks really really nice! I love Cath Kidston (who doesn’t?) and that’s a great way to showcase her fabric. You need some little red and pink push pins now!

  2. Cath Kidston fabric just makes you smile doesn’t it? It looks great. We bought some shelves for my scrap studio so I don’t have to hedge around piles of stuff on the floor but now we just need to put them up! There’s always projects to do isn’t there? Feels great once you’ve finally done them though!

  3. Ooh I love this! I am about to start working on a MY OWN CRAFT ROOM (can you tell I’m excited) and have an old cork board in the basement. This is a great idea, thanks for sharing.

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