Rippling ripple

As you may know I have fallen in love with crochet and spend many an evening with hook and yarn. I am sure my husband thinks I’m mad, but I don’t care, it’s fun and relaxing, and a girl needs an excuse to sit in front of the TV of an evening.


I have the Vintage Crochet book which has a ripple pattern in it, but I found it quite difficult ot get in a smooth rhythm because it requires you to go into the back of each stitch. Not easy.


Then the fabulous Lucy at Attic 24 came up with a step bt step tutorial, which didn’t require any fiddly hand maneuvers and the berry ripple was born.



11 thoughts on “Rippling ripple

  1. That is absolutely stunning – I love the berry colours.
    I’ve followed Lucy’s fabulous tute and am halfway through a ripple cushion. It is incredibly relaxing to do, isn’t it.

    • I am watching the progress made at the site with great interest. My great grandfather was killed in the tunnels in December 1915 after only a few weeks of arriving there. It was a poignant moment to see his photograph displayed at the place he lies on Breakfast TV today. I hope along with my mother, sister and other family members to be able to visit at a future date.

  2. Like you, i’m hooked on the Wawy pattern. And as your selv I’ve learned the art of crotcheting from another blogger. For years i’ve tried to figure it out, and finally now i got it.

    Many hours is spend with faboulus coulours and it’s a great joy.

    I love the coulours you’ve chosen. Very beatiful.

    My own work is not done yet, but it will soon be..

    kind regards

  3. I absolutely love the colours you have chosen for your ripple blanket. I want to make one and a hexagan one but I think chosing the colours is putting me off!

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