Spotty table re-vamp

I had promised my daughter for a while that I would put a drawing table in the play room, she loves to draw and easily gets bored watching TV (unlike my son who has square eyes). So at the weekend when we popped to the local garden centre for a browse and I stumbled upon some spotty oilcloth, I had an idea. The Ikea toddler table could have a face lift and become the much needed place to sit and draw. 

spotty table

I cut the oilcloth a couple of inches bigger than the top and stapled it underneath with a staple gun. If you have a bigger table, that you want to look especially nice, Chez Larsson shows you how here. 

It looks great, is easily wipeable, and most of all is now in daily use.


3 thoughts on “Spotty table re-vamp

  1. The wonders of oil cloth hey! The table looks fantastic, and thanks so much for the link to chez larsson and her tutorial.
    Your ripple blanket is looking fabulous, and I love the berry colours, beautiful!
    Love vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  2. What a great idea!! I have to try it!
    I found you through Summer Sadie’s quilt around the world list, and I’m enjoying my visit to your blog.

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