Something for a friend

A while ago a friend wanted me to make a tablecloth to go over a small round table she had gotten from her grandmother. The cloth had a pleated bottom panel, and was quite pretty. I couldn’t photograph it though when I made it,  because I don’t have a round table. My friend was pleased with the finished item, thankfully.

Anyway last week the same friend had some fabric left from the tablecloth project and asked me to make some piped cushions for her. I explained that I had never made piped cushions as well as putting a zip in tucked behind the piping. I searched and searched the Internet and books for advice and hashed a way to do it, mainly using this tutorial from Creative Little Daisy  

comissioned cushion

I was delighted with the outcome and will have no fear about making piped cushions for myself. In reality those plump pillows looked really professional even though I say so myself!

Until next time…..


5 thoughts on “Something for a friend

  1. The cushions are lovely. I hope that the friend is doing something in return for you. When my children were little I found myself doing loads of stuff for “friends” because I was at home with children. It meant that my things went to the back of the queue.

  2. Your cushions look wonderful. I’m inclined to agree with the comment above though, I learnt the very hard way about people taking advantage. But to be fair, it wasn’t my real friends who took advantage, my real friends wouldn’t do that. I think you probably got something out of this too, because you learnt how to make piped cushions!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  3. Thanks both of you.
    My friend paid me so it was a double whammy – I got paid to learn a new skill. A good result I think.

    I agree with both of you, I will only take on paid work for friends if I feel I will enjoy it, the last thing I want to be doing is making curtains for all and sundry, I would fall out of love with my sewing machine and that would just be bad!

  4. Very nice, did you use a piping foot? I only ask because Saturday I had another lesson and we learnt all about the amazing things you can do with your sewing machine if you have the right foot! I want a piping foot now that I’ve seen how easy it is to get a professional result. There’s so many easy ways of doing things that I feel like I know all (well some of) the secrets! Yippeee for feet!

  5. They look lovely, A. I’m glad to know people still do this for each other. My mom used to, when she had time, & people were delighted. I don’t recall payment in cash but definitely in kind help w/other things.

    ciao & it’s good to see the ever-growing list of tutorials. Unfortunately, no work (yikes) but hope to fire up the machine & take out piles of fabric in the bottom of a trunk. Haven’t actually used the machine in two years. So….I’ll let you know.


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