Supermarket shopping

Supermarket shopping isn’t high on my list of fun activities, it is so uninspiring. But the other day, I found a couple of cute items that brought a smile to my face.

Now, you know I made some fabric napkins the other day, because I wanted to stop going to Ikea and buying their paper napkins all the time. However my resolve was broken when I saw these on the supermarket shelves. Now my pretty fabric napkins will generally be used as everyday ones but for a treat these paper cuties can come out.

paper napkins

Then in the magazine aisle I happened upon Anna magazine. I can’t read Dutch (to be fair my spoken dutch is limited too), but the pictures were so inspiring I had to buy it.


I hope to be able to make sense of some of the instructions so i can make some of this gorgeousness.

Crocheted strawberry

Strawberry tablecloth

Now I have to dash because holiday bags need sorting, clothes need ironing and general pre holiday mayhem must commence. 

Until next time…..


6 thoughts on “Supermarket shopping

  1. I agree, napkins is practical, but like you I tend to buy to many of them.

    The strawberrys are great for summer and I will look forward to seeing yours here on the blog.

    Kind regards Henriette 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the magazine with my fabrics! I had seen the article (someone sent me a pic from it) but didn’t know the name of the magazine. I’ll have to try to find it when I move to Belgium next month, it’s possible they might have a Dutch magazine there I guess. Anyway, fun to see it here, I actually thought it was a German magazine.

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