Bibs for a precious baby

A friend of mine in Dubai had to have her baby at 34 weeks on Monday because they were worried about the babies development and felt she would do better out in the world. Well the little darling is only 1.7kg, which must be tiny since my 2 were 4.2kg at birth. She will be in ICU until she reaches 2kg but is doing well. 


Last week we were able to see this friend before she gave birth, and give her a little gift. I made these cute bibs which she was delighted with, and they were the first gifts she had received.



2 thoughts on “Bibs for a precious baby

  1. Your lucky friend! These bibs are beautiful! I think you could sell these, they’re the sort of things that would make great gifts to new Mums. Wonderful fabrics!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  2. LoL!! That’s what my next post will be about 🙂 Cept mine aren’t half as well made as yours. These are lovely! 🙂

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