Sewing seeds








I found out about the wonderful Sewing Seeds project from Randi’s blog. Her friend’s daughter Bella is going to an orphnage in Costa Rica and is collecting skirts and shorts for the children there. I thought it was such a lovely project that I have made a skirt today which is winging it’s way to the US as we speak.

Skirt for Sewing Seeds project

I hope one of the little girls there likes it. My daughter asked if the yo-yo’s were lollipops, I thought they were flowers, but either way I think they finish the skirt off nicely.

Closeup of Sewing Seeds project skirt

I used Oliver+S super easy and free, Lazy Days skirt pattern and then just added on a few yo-yo’s and embroidered some stems (or sticks). 

There is still time to join in, drop Randi an email and she will send details.

Until next time…..


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