Completed shirt quilt

shirt quilt

Here is the Father and Son quilt all finished, washed and snuggly and used. Daddy and my son snuggled under it to watch the Harry Potter movie on Sunday afternoon. It was a much chillier day, so I didn’t have to ask twice if they wanted me to go and fetch the quilt. Movie, popcorn and cuddling up to Dad what more could a boy ask for.

The quilt is made from my son’s shirts which he had outgrown and some old shirts of my husbands. I was inspired by the talented Alicia and her book Stitched in time, where she has a quilt made from children’s old clothes.

back of shirt quilt

I love that I have made something special for him because so often I make things for my daughter and he feels left out. Well, no longer. 

Until next time………


5 thoughts on “Completed shirt quilt

  1. How nice that your son finally got something you made for him!
    I’ve done a little of this too! Including dresses my daughter’s have grown out of in my quilts. They have so many lovely memories!!
    Thank you for the comment you left on my blog, ironically I bought the camper van fabric from a seller on Endawanda when you recommended it to me all those months ago!!

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