I’m a winner, I’m a winner…

Yep, I’m a winner. 

A few weeks ago I couldn’t believe it when I saw my name here. There was a great deal of deep breathing required. 

Giveaway fabric

Anyway, this is what I chose to buy with my gift certificate. Doesn’t it all look so scrummy and gorgeous. I love fabric, infact, I feel I’m getting a tad obcessed at the moment, I have caught myself stroking these goodies. Do you think I have lost my mind or is it just what happens when you get such a huge pile of fabric for free?  Do let me know!

Randi is such a generous woman, please go check out her shop, she has so many lovely fabrics and her service is excellent. I will definately be going back to shop.

Thanks Randi, you made my day. xx

Until next time………


4 thoughts on “I’m a winner, I’m a winner…

  1. Good for you, A!. I could roll around in fabric…acquired as young girl due to mum’s sewing. Alas, no real sewing going on here…hope to remedy that this summer. Congratulations!



  2. Gorgeous fabrics. You’re normal – it’s perfectly normal, and expected, to pet and stroke new fabric. I usually leave it out on the table, and glance at it everytime I walk past from a different angle. You are a lucky winner!


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