Yummy cookies

I have recently had a thing about baking cookies, I don’t know why. Apart from the fact I LOVE eating them. For a while it was cupcakes, followed by more cupcakes, but now it is definitely cookies.

Coconut cookies

These were the delicious ones I baked up the other day. The recipe was taken from the BBC Good Food magazine March 2007, and the basic recipe can be found on their website. All you need to do is add 100g dessicated coconut, roll the dough into small balls, push your thumb in the middle to make a dip and fill with a little jam. 


Yum, Yum, enjoy with a nice cup of tea.


5 thoughts on “Yummy cookies

  1. Oh gosh, they look delicious! I would be reading this when I’m starting to feel the need for a cup of tea, and feeling a bit hungry, wouldn’t I?! Or was it seeing these that made me feel hungry?!
    A store bought packet of biscuits wouldn’t be the same after seeing thes yummy looking cookies of yours! I wonder what I’ve got in the store cupboard?!……….
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

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