End of term

I am so pleased that it is the last day of term today. The children finish at 12, so if the weather remains dry we will be heading for the beach with some of the other mums and children. Yippee!

Why are the last few weeks of term so frantic? It seems crazy.

Any way, I was asked to make (and got paid) the teacher presents for my daughters class this year. Her class teacher went off on long term sick in February and we had two supply teachers sharing the job for the rest of the year. Along with the three teacher there is a teaching assistant as well. So all in all 4 presents to make.

I made aprons for all of them with a cute pocket.

teacher apron

The pocket detail represents the children’s uniform. It is not perfect, but still I think they are a nice keepsake. 

And here’s a close up.

Apron pocket closeup

So here’s to the long summer holidays, I hope you all have fine weather and good times.

Until next time…….


3 thoughts on “End of term

  1. Those will be lovely gifts. We’re still in the middle of making ours… will have to do a post. But they don’t break up until Wednesday! Hope the beach was good, or at least, the weather meant that you made it!

  2. Lovely aprons. Have a great summer holiday, hope you get good weather for lots of beach trips, though I like the beach even in bad weather! 🙂

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