Summer Garden

I dropped my camera a week ago (AHHH!!) and it was so badly damaged that I had to go out and buy a new one. At the weekend  I went out into the garden and had a practice with all the different settings.

Daisies in the lawn

Remember we rent our house – hence the poorly maintained lawn we inherited.

Pot of colour by the bench at the front door

This pot sits by the bench and lounger right outside the front door. It is a great place to sit because the sun is on this spot most of the day.


I have picked some of the bright pink flower heads and have them on the coffee table in the lounge, they look so pretty.


I love the mix of the pink and the blue.


And finally the bees are loving the flowering marjoram at the moment.

Most of the garden is made up of evergreen shrubs so there is little colour, but these few splashes of colour really make you realise that it is summer and it is beautiful.


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