Comfy Cushion and other things

I have had this gorgeous Darla fabric for a while and decided I would make some cushions from it. Well cushionS is not exactly where we are at, but cushioN, singular, is.


I followed the pattern here and although I hate gathering , I think it looks nice on my garden bench. It would look nicer with some company, but I have not found the time to make another one. Maybe next week.


I also had chance to make another couple of blocks for the Around the World Quilting Bee, I hope the ladies they belong to like them.

ATWQ block



4 thoughts on “Comfy Cushion and other things

  1. I love your cushion – just my colours! I have some of the Darla fabric in my to do pile – my daughter chose it for a new tiered skirt. I will have to look out the pattern.

    Thanks for visiting my blog – hope you like the flapjacks!

    Pomona x

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