Cute Cushion

We are very fortunate to have a little money left in the holiday fund, so later in the month we are driving south to Normandy for a little break. The down side is that it will take 8.5 hours with no stops to get there. So me thinks that we should estimate a 12 hour trip with breaks and allowing for traffic.


Hence the need for a little pillow/cushion for the little travellers in the back of the car. We can hope that maybe they will drop off at one point, although my husband and I know from experience that they will only fall asleep when we are 5 minutes from our destination. I can’t recall how many times we  had to carry sleepy or sleeping children through Dubai Airport because they fell asleep as we came into land!


Any way in a bid to be strong and use fabric that I know is now considered rare and not save it for a rainy day, I cut into a yard of some Heather Ross fabric today and produced the pillow, much to the delight of my dog loving daughter.

DSC00703I am really pleased with it and that fabric is so so soft, who wouldn’t want to rest their head there?

Until next time…….


3 thoughts on “Cute Cushion

  1. That is such lovely fabric! I must admit that I have taken to travelling with a cushion in the car – long journeys definitely make me sleepy!

    Pomona x

  2. I am having palpitations at the though of how soft and beautiful that cushion looks. If your children don’t fall asleep within minutes of getting in the car, they are not children, but some kind of demon offspring. I’m sorry, but that is true 😉

  3. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. And a really appealing fabric for children.
    I know what you mean – ours never used to fall asleep, and now there’s no chance!

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