A little bit of crochet

Hello again. Sorry for the long break, but things have been busy around here. There have been birthdays, visitors, severe back pain, holidays to Normandy and the remainder of the school holidays. The time has flown really quickly, I can’t really believe we are in September.

I thought I would give you an update on my crochet. I finished my ripple blanket at the beginning of August, I will show you that soon. I can’t seem to capture the true colour though.

So I quickly ordered some new yarn, I love Rowan wool, and set too on a blanket, just like the gorgeous Lucy’s at Attic 24. I feel like I am her afghan stalker, she makes a new blanket, then so do I. I can’t help it. It’s an addiction!


Above is a pile of squares waiting to be blocked. Never blocked before, I love the result though, but I have found it to a bit fiddly. I wish I had one of those blocking boards, but we can’t have everything though can we?


Above are the blocked blocks!


You can really see the difference when they are side by side. Scrumptious colours, don’t you think?


I’m not sure how many more I need to make, but one things for sure I am going to need to order some more yarn. Yippee! Off to the yarn store, well the virtual one anyway.



7 thoughts on “A little bit of crochet

  1. Squares are total addiction! I know! Lately all I wanna is to crochet. And last night I stayed wake till 1am trying some new crocheting (though it would have been better to go to bed since I have little one)!
    Love your coloure choice!
    P.S. Attic24 is amazing, also Sarah London’s blog!

  2. We seem to be going in reverse! I’m 3/4 through a granny square blanket and have just started a ripple blanket too. Your squares look great – but it’s true, they really are addictive!

  3. I’ve done one of Lucy at Attic24’s BB too. I didn’t block mine the way you did. When everything was finished, I steam ironed it on “middel heat” (don’t know what it’s called in english…), and the result is so good!! As long as the yarn can be ironed, I do recommend it! It’s so easy, and it goes very fast!

    Know what you mean, crocheting is sooo addictive!

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