The ripple

As promised here are a couple of the half decent pictures of the ripple (Another Attic 24 pattern). I’m not sure what it is but the colour seems a bit weird. Anyway it is all finished up and sitting on the back of the chair waiting for the colder evenings which I fear are getting close.


Be assured the colour is delightful and it is such a lovely blanket, all soft and snuggly and suprisingly heavy.


This last shot shows the blanket sitting next to the hexagon (Lucy from Attic 24’s pattern). Gorgeous crochet side by side.


Now back to crocheting the next blanket….


9 thoughts on “The ripple

  1. Congratulations on your fscond finished blanket. I love both of them, the coulours are perfect. .-)

    Hexagons are not my friends, but i hope to learn it some day, and my first ripple is placed on my favorite chair.

    Have ad great monday and hugs

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  2. Oooohhh lovely! All your crochet is lovely, well done! I’ve also been looking at your shop, and it all looks gorgeous, those bibs look wonderful, I wish I had a baby to buy for, but none of my friends have babies at the moment.
    Love Vanessa xxx

  3. Hello, I just discovered your blog and saw your lovely ripple pictures! I too am rippling from Lucy’s pattern, but only a scarf not a whole blanket! I like the way you have interpreted her design using your own colour preference. I love looking at Lucy’s colours but they just aren’t what I would wear or use in my house. It’s nice that we can all use her patterns to get such different and beautiful results!

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