I was getting fed up of paying nearly €4 for a loaf of reasonable bread that I wanted to make my own. The search for bread flour started. The supermarket sells all sorts of (expensive) bread mixes, but I wanted some ordinary strong flour so I could do what I wanted and I knew exactly what was going in my bread. If you watch Jimmy’s Food Factory on BBC1, you will know what I mean.DSC01244Eventually I found some large bags in the cash and carry and we haven’t bought a loaf of bread in about 6 weeks. It is so simple, so quick and delicious. Now I’m off to have some toast and homemade plum jam.


Until next time………


11 thoughts on “Bread

  1. I understand you so well. I like to make brad too and my children and husband like it too, but we have a “problem” : this corner of the world is the paradise of bread. You can’t imagine the variety of wonderful bread we have. It’s so difficult to have so much to choose and feel the smell of warm bread just made each time we go to the supermarket ( one of the several we have) and not nuying one – or more.

  2. Oh that looks delicious!
    I used to make our bread all the time years ago but had to stop as it really is far too delicious & I had to save my waistline!!! Lol!
    But seeing that loaf makes me hungry for yummy bread with jam & butter!

  3. Nothing beats homebaked bread and like you I’ve been baking mine for a few months now. One of the things I missed the most when we moved to the UK was the bread as we don’t really like the sliced bread they sell in supermarkets and the better quality one is so much more expensive that I decided to give homebaked bread a try and I’m not going back to the shop bought one.

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