Cath Kidston -esque Draught Excluder

A while ago it was a friend’s birthday, and a mutual friend asked me if I could make a dog draught excluder for the birthday girl, just like the one from last years Cath Kidston catalogue.

I agreed of course, but I have never even made a softie so had no idea how to form the head bit. I spent a good few hours staring at the computer looking at how to do it, then just went ahead and had a bash.

I am so pleased with how it turned out. It’s not perfect, but both friends were delighted with my handiwork. Thank goodness!!


12 thoughts on “Cath Kidston -esque Draught Excluder

  1. Hi
    I have just searched the whole net for a pattern for a dog draught excluder and yours is by far the best,could you please do a Tutorial or maybe I could buy the pattern.

    • Bryan Caplan (I check the Kllgi/Henderson/Capnan blog daily) is the perfect example of a highly left-brained-dominant thinker. As Temple Grandin (a functioning autistic with attendant right-brained dominant thinking) so succinctly characterized it, when questioned about left-brained dominant people in a long-ago NPR interview: “Highly verbal people are illogical.”

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