Queensland Australia is being battered and washed away by terrible floods. We have been lucky enough to visit Australia 3 times and have loved every visit, it is a wonderful country of extremes, and this is such a tragedy.

Toni is organizing Flood Relief Auctions and I’m going to host one here on my blog.


Stay tuned later this week for more details – I am going to auction off some handmade goodies with all proceeds going to the Queensland Government Flood Relief Appeal.

You can make a difference



2 thoughts on “FLOOD!

  1. Kevin.I think you have won my heart. I totally want exotic bowling alley food with you and then stick my fingers into those finger holes and then eat some more without even washing my hands. The arcade games would just be a bonus. You are probably my dream dao.Aelthtugh Hubby might not like that so much.Thanks for the tweeting and the Facebook loving. Now it is up to Random Number Generator. She’s really mean.

  2. Astagfirullah…….! Memang lelaki kalau habis makan sate ya seperti itu. Tegangan tinggi terus. Ditawari “gituan” ya langsung mau.Mas Shalimow, aku bikin blog Dolly-Surabaya.blogspot.com, Sebelumnya Domain DollySurabaya.blogspot.com sudah sampean parkir…ckkkkkk. Udah lumayan nih, posting cuma 15-an sudah dapat visitor dari Google 30/hari. Saran dan kritik saya tunggu Mas..!

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