About Me

My name is Anita and I am a stay at home mum of 2 gorgeous children. I am British but have been living in The Netherlands for over a year, and have been an expat for a number of years living in Singapore and Dubai. How I miss the warmth on my back, especially in the depths of a dutch winter!

I have always liked to bake, my parents like to remind me regularly of how messy the kitchen was after I had been in there as a teenager, and there really is no change. The vacuum cleaner has to come out every time. Cakes and desserts are my passion, although I can get passionate about savoury dishes sometimes – but they have to be really good.

In early 2008, my husband bought me a sewing machine and I hide in the sewing room to avoid all other household chores! My sewing skills have really taken off and I have been making clothes for my children and started quilting projects amongst other things. I am very lucky that I have a room which I call a sewing room, basically it is a box rom with an ikea table and a large wardrobe which holds the ever expanding fabric stash and sewing notions.

Finally, in late Autumn 2008, I taught my self to crochet and have hooked a hexagon afghan, and a ripple afghan and now I am about to start on a granny extravaganza (Aug ’09)

Starting a blog for me began as a way to keep track of all the things I was making, a sort of diary, however it has developed into something more than that. I have made some lovely virtual friends in Blogland and have been so inspired by what other people are up to. I love being part of this virtual community and hope to make many more friends who are as passionate about the things I love, as I am.

Thanks for spending time reading about me and please have a browse around the blog. Drop me an email if you like anytime I would love to hear from you.

Anita xx

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Stumbled across you tonight for the first time -made me smile as I grew up in S’pore and recently holidayed in Dubai! No wonder you find Holland chilly at times!
    Chris x

  2. Hi Anita!

    Nice te see your beautiful things, especially your crocheted afghans. I think….if you still lived in Singapore or Dubai you never would have made them….
    I will be back!


  3. i am stunned at all these talented people i find blogging, sewing, printing/designing, cooking, etc. you are another one. just amazing.

  4. Hey Anita!

    I love to be creative (I’m just opening an Etsy shop) and I adore cooking.
    But guess what….I’m an expat, living in Den Haag and also with 2 children!! Mine are teenagers and I work full time. So pleased I stumbled across your site. It’s great! Nice to know I’m not the only one!!


  5. Hi Anita!
    I have just discovered your beautiful blog! It’s very lovely, so I’ll definately be stopping by again!!!
    I share your love of sewing, and I think your sewing projects are gorgeous! Unfortunately, I am the world’s worst cook (in fact, my husband has pretty-much banned me from the kitchen, following several huge disasters). Your beautiful baking photos are very inspiring, though, so I might sneak into the kitchen while hubby is out, and see what I can do…..
    I am a Brit living abroad too! My husband and I are teachers at an international school in Germany. We live in Duesseldorf – and love it!!!
    Thank you for creating such a lovely and inspiring blog – I’m sure I’ll be visiting frequently from now on!

    • I wonder how many of the officially gay ceietrlbies (eg Nathan Lane or Jodie Foster) are secretly het?Some of the women, probably. The men, not so much. I always suspected Anne Heche was dating Ellen Degeneres to get publicity for her own career, so her switch back to men wasn't a surprise.

    • Beautiful! I'm a big fan of Danielle, but why are we only getting to see her dining area and master bedroom? What about her lovely living room and … Her daughter's room, which is probably blogger project of the year, given how many have done features on it! 🙂 Not that this isn't lovely — It's just always nice to see more, especially when the spaces are so pretty, as they are with Danielle's home.

  6. Hi Anita
    What a beautiful inspirational site. I too have had a dream for many years, have sewn all my life but about 10 years ago, took up a pair of curtains in my flat I was sharing with my now hubby and he was very surprised that I could sew. My grandmother was a milliner and my dad’s 10 sisters were all in the rag trade so I think it’s in ‘the blood’. I did a 20 month appreniticeship making curtains, cushions, blinds all soft furnishings etc and have made loads for friends and family and myself but really now getting into crafting and saw your site. I am anxious to find a pattern for heart strings, the pyramid door stop you have kindly done a tutorial on and also to make really nice bunting. So I would like some ideas on where I could find some patterns or if in fact you have done tutorials on the past
    lovely site and keep it coming

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