Queensland Australia is being battered and washed away by terrible floods. We have been lucky enough to visit Australia 3 times and have loved every visit, it is a wonderful country of extremes, and this is such a tragedy.

Toni is organizing Flood Relief Auctions and I’m going to host one here on my blog.


Stay tuned later this week for more details – I am going to auction off some handmade goodies with all proceeds going to the Queensland Government Flood Relief Appeal.

You can make a difference


Spotty table re-vamp

I had promised my daughter for a while that I would put a drawing table in the play room, she loves to draw and easily gets bored watching TV (unlike my son who has square eyes). So at the weekend when we popped to the local garden centre for a browse and I stumbled upon some spotty oilcloth, I had an idea. The Ikea toddler table could have a face lift and become the much needed place to sit and draw. 

spotty table

I cut the oilcloth a couple of inches bigger than the top and stapled it underneath with a staple gun. If you have a bigger table, that you want to look especially nice, Chez Larsson shows you how here. 

It looks great, is easily wipeable, and most of all is now in daily use.


img_6049I wouldnt like to tell you just how long this took, because it would be embarrassing. But hey it’s done now. I just need to get my gorgeous husband to get it hung up on the wall. 

I hope you had a lovely Valentines day. I would show you the cake that my lovely family purchased it was a chocolate loaf cake with a chocolate ganache on top with red marzipan hearts on, however we ate it rather too quickly. And I forgot to get the camera out…oops. Never mind it was delicious. 

I will however show you these quick cards I whipped up Friday night after realising that I had forgotten about Valentines day! I really need to use that diary more to jog my frazzled brain. My 4 year old daughter was the only one to get a card from a secret admirer, although we think we know who sent it, she is adamant it wasn’t her ‘boyfriend’! (BTW – my daughter can never stop herself getting some pens out and customising – so the card on the right has her handiwork on it!)

Valentines cards

Victoria Bushfire – How to help


Many of you will have seen the devastation in Victoria, Australia over the past few days. There are many ways YOU can help our friends down under. So many have lost everything. Donations of money are required to get immediate help to those affected and then for the longer term there are other ways we can help. Please click the link above to see what you could do.

Many thanks

Tooth Fairy


My son has his first wobbly tooth at last and he is delighted. 

So what’s a crafting Mum to do to make him feel that this is a special event?

Make a cute hanging pillow to keep the precious tooth safe until the tooth fairy comes and swaps it for some money, of course!

img_5832I used some fabric scraps and a piece of felt. Sewed them together with a little pocket and viola! Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long until the tooth comes out so it can be used.

Until next time….

What a difference a day makes

I managed to tick a few things off my to do list so that feels good. All this despite the puppy being sick, I had to take him to the Vets this afternoon, after he spent Sunday feeling sorry for himself and vomiting a fair bit, but it appears that the injection she gave him has made him feel a bit better.

Towards the end of last week I made a couple more gifts for Christmas. These aprons are super quick to whip up and they suit their recipients just perfectly.



Maybe next time the post will be a bit longer, but i am tired and need to go to bed.

Until next time….