The ripple

As promised here are a couple of the half decent pictures of the ripple (Another Attic 24 pattern). I’m not sure what it is but the colour seems a bit weird. Anyway it is all finished up and sitting on the back of the chair waiting for the colder evenings which I fear are getting close.


Be assured the colour is delightful and it is such a lovely blanket, all soft and snuggly and suprisingly heavy.


This last shot shows the blanket sitting next to the hexagon (Lucy from Attic 24’s pattern). Gorgeous crochet side by side.


Now back to crocheting the next blanket….

A little bit of crochet

Hello again. Sorry for the long break, but things have been busy around here. There have been birthdays, visitors, severe back pain, holidays to Normandy and the remainder of the school holidays. The time has flown really quickly, I can’t really believe we are in September.

I thought I would give you an update on my crochet. I finished my ripple blanket at the beginning of August, I will show you that soon. I can’t seem to capture the true colour though.

So I quickly ordered some new yarn, I love Rowan wool, and set too on a blanket, just like the gorgeous Lucy’s at Attic 24. I feel like I am her afghan stalker, she makes a new blanket, then so do I. I can’t help it. It’s an addiction!


Above is a pile of squares waiting to be blocked. Never blocked before, I love the result though, but I have found it to a bit fiddly. I wish I had one of those blocking boards, but we can’t have everything though can we?


Above are the blocked blocks!


You can really see the difference when they are side by side. Scrumptious colours, don’t you think?


I’m not sure how many more I need to make, but one things for sure I am going to need to order some more yarn. Yippee! Off to the yarn store, well the virtual one anyway.



I have been searching for a poncho pattern for my daughter for ages and ages. I am a cheap skate and only wanted a free one, so it was taking a great deal of time trawling the internet.

Anyway, the other day I happened across this pattern, loved the colours, ordered the yarn and picked up the crochet hook a few days later when the yarn was delivered in my post box.

crochet poncho

And ta-da. Here it is in all it’s glory. I love it. It was quick and simple to make and most importantly it is loved by my daughter.


Until next time.

Rippling ripple

As you may know I have fallen in love with crochet and spend many an evening with hook and yarn. I am sure my husband thinks I’m mad, but I don’t care, it’s fun and relaxing, and a girl needs an excuse to sit in front of the TV of an evening.


I have the Vintage Crochet book which has a ripple pattern in it, but I found it quite difficult ot get in a smooth rhythm because it requires you to go into the back of each stitch. Not easy.


Then the fabulous Lucy at Attic 24 came up with a step bt step tutorial, which didn’t require any fiddly hand maneuvers and the berry ripple was born.


Edging the hexagon afghan

I have decided that my hexagon blanket is big enough to cover me and keep me cozy so I have moved on to edging. I am so excited that it is nearly finished, nothing like the end of a project in sight to get you motivated. 

I had originally thought that I would edge it in the yellow that was in the centres, but when I came to it I wasn’t sure.


I tried the scallop edging from the Vintage Crochet book but felt it was too big.

I asked a couple of bloggy friends and slept on it (not the blanket – the question of what to do) and then had a go at edging with purple. 


I checked out Lucy’s hex and her edging was neater and smaller so I tried making it smaller and I am happier with the result


I love it now and if only I hadn’t ran out of wool I would be hooking now instead of blogging!


Oh well, the blanket will have to wait because we have a busy weekend. My little girl is 5 on Monday and we are having 10 of her girlfriends round to make necklaces and play games on Saturday. My parent are flying over tomorrow for a fun filled weekend of celebrations, so not alot of blogging, sewing or crocheting for me this weekend.

Whatever you do enjoy your weekend!

Is it nearly spring?

Yesterdays weather was pretty disgusting. We got so wet walking the dog it wasn’t at all pleasurable especially because doggy training has started in earnest and he just isn’t getting it. We had our first puppy class on Saturday and my brain ached by the end of it. The trainer said “Oh he is such a lovely dog but strong minded” Mmmm we will see if she sees any improvement on Saturday because I am not so sure.

Today however is bright, I wouldn’t quite say it is sunny but it is a lovely dry and bright day, and it has made me think of spring. Maybe because my friend gave me these yesterday


Or maybe because I treated myself to these the other day


Or maybe it is ‘just because’.


Until next time…..

Victoria Bushfire – How to help


Many of you will have seen the devastation in Victoria, Australia over the past few days. There are many ways YOU can help our friends down under. So many have lost everything. Donations of money are required to get immediate help to those affected and then for the longer term there are other ways we can help. Please click the link above to see what you could do.

Many thanks

I can’t stop showing you!



I was cold this weekend. I spent all morning on Saturday sorting a load of no longer wanted and outgrown toys to either be sold or given away and as I am coming down with a cold, all I wanted to do in the afternoon was to sit on the sofa with a cup of tea, a biscuit and watch tv. My daughter wanted to do the same, omitting the tea for a cup of water though. So we sat and watched 2 halfs of 2 movies. We watched the first half of Lady and the Tramp until little girl got bored and wanted a change, so we switched and watched the second half of High School Musical 2. It was really nice to just loll about and relax, and snuggle under the blanket, the hex blanket just covers my legs. My daughter had to make do with a cheap ikea blanket! 


What did you do this weekend?

Until next time…….

Crochet and a successful gift

So you want to know here I do my crochet, hey?


Well I sit in this chair, mainly at night, because I like to sew during the day. ( I will show you my sewing room another day). This spot gets lots of light from that large lamp and there is also a lamp on the side table, so I can see what I am doing. I am still not sure how big I should make it, I just think I will keep going until I am satisfied that I will be snugly and warm on a chilly night. I also don’t think the hex blanket will live on the back of this chair when it is finished but at the moment I love walking into the lounge and seeing it’s splendid colourful self staring at me. 

Speaking of colourful things – this pretty drawstring bag was a hit with my daughters 5 year old friend the other day. It was her birthday and I made a headband and some hair bands in the spotty fabric. 




Until next time……