End of term

I am so pleased that it is the last day of term today. The children finish at 12, so if the weather remains dry we will be heading for the beach with some of the other mums and children. Yippee!

Why are the last few weeks of term so frantic? It seems crazy.

Any way, I was asked to make (and got paid) the teacher presents for my daughters class this year. Her class teacher went off on long term sick in February and we had two supply teachers sharing the job for the rest of the year. Along with the three teacher there is a teaching assistant as well. So all in all 4 presents to make.

I made aprons for all of them with a cute pocket.

teacher apron

The pocket detail represents the children’s uniform. It is not perfect, but still I think they are a nice keepsake. 

And here’s a close up.

Apron pocket closeup

So here’s to the long summer holidays, I hope you all have fine weather and good times.

Until next time…….


Apron in an hour …..

Yep, sorted.


I downloaded Jona’s quick pattern yesterday and it really is super quick. I love the fabric combinations on this, and I hope my friend does to. It’s her birthday next week and we are going out to celebrate tonight, she loves to cook, so I hope she likes this. 


What a difference a day makes

I managed to tick a few things off my to do list so that feels good. All this despite the puppy being sick, I had to take him to the Vets this afternoon, after he spent Sunday feeling sorry for himself and vomiting a fair bit, but it appears that the injection she gave him has made him feel a bit better.

Towards the end of last week I made a couple more gifts for Christmas. These aprons are super quick to whip up and they suit their recipients just perfectly.



Maybe next time the post will be a bit longer, but i am tired and need to go to bed.

Until next time….


img_4987I had a go at making a childs size apron last week. My children need to wear an apron when they eat messy food like spaghetti bolognaise, (I hate trying to get tomato sauce out of clothes) or on the rare occasion we squash up in the tiny dutch kitchen we have and try and bake together.  Their current aprons are now getting a bit too small so i wanted to make larger ones. 

I had bought some binding from the local market and decided to have a bash. I sized up their old apron and made a pattern, then attached the binding so it made the waist ties but whoops I forgot about the neck ties. That was an after thought, but I think it still looks ok. When i make one for my son in the limited free time I will have this week I will try and remember to include the neck.

Weekend Away

The weekend was fabulous in the UK. For a few hours on Saturday we went to watch Dad drive classic sports cars around Mallory Park race circuit. He had so much fun, and so did we. The children thought their Grampy was a real race driver in his green overalls and helmet and were shouting and cheering for him to overtake any other car that he got he near. My husband thought that it looked so good, that I now know what to arrange for him to do when it is his 40th birthday. (Less than 2 years away now darling!)

After leaving the race track behind we drove up to Otley in Yorkshire and had a super time with an old friend and her family that we hadn’t seen for over 2 years. On Sunday they took us up to Brimham Rocks where everyone had such fun climbing all over the rocks and looking for Fraggles, and fortunately despite the looming black clouds the rain held off. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Now back home it is half term so the children are looking to be entertained. We collected some leaves the other day so we will do something with those today. I will post a picture soon.

It was my sisters birthday on Friday and I made her an apron and embellished a couple of tea towels with patterns out of Amy Butler’s In Stitches. She seemed really pleased. I loved them so much I will be making more.

Another Day another gift…..

It was my Mum’s birthday on Saturday,  I made her a gift this year. She didn’t ask for anything, I just told her I was making her something. I decided on making an apron from Amy Butlers In Stitches book with a matching pot holder.


The apron was easy – despite me not knowing that there had been an errata, and the potholder was OK to make although I did adjust the patchwork on the front as I couldn’t get it to match up from the pattern – it was supposed to be ‘wonky’ so I just made squares.

Amy Butler Pot Holder Front

And my first attempt at machine binding was ripped out and I hand finished it – to save the sewing machine blushing from my barrage of bad language.

Amy Butler PotHolder back


The weekend was beautiful here in Holland, I think we were having the last few days of summer with gorgeous blue skies and warm-ish sunshine. We even went out to the beach at Noordwijk and  ate frites and icecream on the beach on sunday afternoon. Perfect.